Mednet has taken the hassle out of insurance claims and has proven to be cost effective in the handling of my Insurance and Patient Billing. I have been working with Mednet over 20 years now after starting my practice. They consistently stay abreast of changes in billing requirements and perform the job I hired them to do. Obviously I am very satisfied.
– J. William Wellborn, MD
Mednet is an important member of my team. My practice utilizes modifiers extensively. Therefore, coding knowledge and accuracy are very important to me. Mednet knows how to deal with all aspects of my billing so that my claims get paid correctly.
– Angela L. Drury, DPM
Mednet has been a very responsive Billing Company. We have developed a real sense of partnership. Mednet's staff are a pleasure to work with and are responsive to our needs. Their extensive knowledge in Medical Billing procedures and policies has proven to be beneficial to my practice. I can concentrate on my professional and business goals with confidence.
– Dean S. Karnaze, MD
Mednet has handled our Billing and Collection services for the past 10 years. Previously, these functions were performed in-house. We were losing thousands of dollars monthly due to incompetent Billing practices and our cost of collections was far too high. Mednet turned our billing around in the first 3 months after we hired them. We are very pleased with their work and the results they provide.
– Michael T. Clark, MD
The costs of Billing and Collections should be proportionate to payments received. Mednet has shown me year after year that they provide the service that is necessary for a medical practice to collect the revenue needed to be profitable.
– Charles W. Orr, CPA
I am hearing from our national organization that there are big problems with Medicare and lots of docs are having a hard time getting paid. NOT ME! Thank goodness for Mednet. I am the one who is ahead of the game, thanks to you.
– Michael Cohn, DPM
Simplistic Medical wishes to extend heartfelt appreciation to you and your staff at Mednet for completely transforming the profitability of our clinic. Transferring all of our company's billing into Mednet's competent management was quite possibly one of the smartest things Simplistic Medical ever did!
– Lisa Berniklau, Operations Manager