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Mednet brings precision to the medical billing process and makes practices profitable.

Santa Fe Medical Billing and Coding Services

Mednet is an industry leader in Revenue Cycle Management with over 35 years in business.

We provide end to end medical billing and coding solutions for medical practices in all regions of the US.


Due to COVID-19, new guidelines have been established for telehealth services.

Commercial and Medicare, Medicare Advantage Plans, Medicaid and Medicaid Centennial Plans have eased restrictions to allow patients to see their practitioner via telehealth.

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A Brave New World

The COVID-19 has changed the health industry. To survive, and succeed, in this new reality practices will have to change the way they operate. They will have to take a more strategic approach.
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Why Choose Mednet Medical Billing & Coding?

Mednet medical billing

We have a team of medical billing and coding problem solvers that are:

  • Results driven
  • Experienced
  • Tech savvy
Mednet medical coding

97% of medical insurance claims submitted pay on first pass

Our clients’ A/R averages 92-94% current

Our fee is based on revenue collected (it's a win win!)

Medical billing and coding services

Regardless of specialty, volume, or software, we have the medical billing and coding expertise and resources to make your practice profitable


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Why would I need a medical billing company to do our billing (over in-house billing)?

The advantage of using Mednet is that we have 35 years of experience and our teams are highly trained to make sure our clients get paid. In-house billing can work in some situations, but medical coding is complex, and tracking down claims that are denied due to incorrect coding takes a lot of man-hours. For small and large medical practices both, adequately staffing and training for medical billing can be a challenge. When you work with Mednet, you have a dedicated account manager with the expertise and the time to make sure your claims are processed correctly and paid. The task of medical billing is now off the medical practice’s plate, and they can focus on what they do best, while our team will focus on what we do best.

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What sets Mednet Medical Billing apart from its competitors?

As a leader in the industry, Mednet is dedicated to all the training it takes to keep our team up to date on all industry changes. And what that looks like for our clients is we have very few denials of claims. And if a claim is denied, our team identifies why and then turns it around to ensure it is paid. The result is that our client’s accounts receivable is always very low, because we don’t let denials go, and we reprocess the claims until insurance companies pay.

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Can Mednet Medical Billing help us if our AR is out of control?

If your accounts receivable is out of control, you are not alone! In fact, many of our new clients come to us in a moment of crisis looking for a solution. We are able to step in and get all of your billing procedures up to best industry standards so you can start with a clean slate. Then we go after your existing AR, reprocess claims, and make sure we can collect as much money as possible that has been left on the table.

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Can you help my medical practice regardless of where we are located?

Yes! While we were founded in Albuquerque 35 years ago, we have clients across the United States from California to Michigan, and we are expanding. We currently have a dedicated team in Phoenix as well and are looking to expand throughout the west. Please contact us, and we can determine if Mednet is right for your business.

We ❤️ Santa Fe, New Mexico

It’s no secret to those of us who live in Santa Fe—this city is a treasure. It has a unique place in the history of the southwest as home of the oldest church in the United States, the San Miguel Chapel. Santa Fe is also an art hotspot, with the Georgia O’Keefe Museum, the Museum of Indian Arts and Culture, and many more. We also love Santa Fe gives us easy access to the outdoors like hiking at the Atalaya Trail. People come from far and wide to soak in the beauty and history of the Santa Fe Plaza, a central part of the city for over 400 years.