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Improve Cash Flow and Increase Revenue by Outsourcing your Medical Billing and Coding to Mednet

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The Mednet Medical Billing, Coding, Collections, and Analytics Service regional office in Fresno California serves medical practices from Merced and Modesto to Visalia and Bakersfield ... and every city in between. Actually, we can work electronically with practices anywhere in California and beyond.

Mednet has been serving medical practices nationally since 1985, and we’ve set up regional offices with certified medical coding consultants in California and New Mexico to serve you. You can come in and discuss your account face-to-face (and you’re welcome to if you’d like), but with technology and our business practices, you don’t have to!

Wherever your practice is, we treat you as if you’re our neighbor right across the street … we communicate with you as if you were sitting across the table … and you never have to leave your office!

With more than 30 years of experience, our expert medical billing consultants have developed a system that delivers proven results. When you outsource your medical coding and collections to Mednet, you can trust that we will ...

  • Process claims quickly and accurately, so you get paid fast and at the highest allowable
  • Handle your billing and collections seamlessly with no additional effort on your part
  • Make your cash flow more consistent and reliable once your claims are being processed properly
  • Provide monthly data analytics reports that enable you to monitor, track, and analyze your practice’s revenue, so you can make smart, informed business decisions
  • Promptly answer any questions you may have about your billing, coding, collections, and data analytics
  • Keep up-to-date on industry changes so that you’re always in compliance

And if that’s not enough, outsourcing to Mednet also allows you to control and even cut many of your operating costs.

But don’t take our word for it. Dr. J. William Wellborn says,

“Mednet has taken the hassle out of insurance claims and has proven to be cost effective in the handling of my Insurance and Patient Billing. I have been working with Mednet over 20 years now after starting my practice. They consistently stay abreast of changes in billing requirements and perform the job I hired them to do. Obviously I am very satisfied.”

We can do this for you, too.

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Whether you’re opening a new practice and want to set up your billing properly, right from the start ...

Or if you’re an established practice and are seeing your revenues drop, your A/R is out of control, your cash flow is erratic ... if your practice is getting pinched by claims not being paid …

We should talk.

And we should talk sooner rather than later so we can get to work before time runs out on any more of your claims.

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