Why should you outsource your billing to Mednet?


By concentrating on core competences, businesses can achieve greater efficiency and profitability.

Mednet will take the challenging and time consuming aspects associated with billing out of your office. With our integrated suite of services and systems, you will be able to refine your workflow for efficiency and maximize revenues—leaving you to concentrate on your core business.

Access to Greater Resources

For practices of any size, billing, system, and human resources are expensive and often difficult to maintain. Most medical practices do not have the experience, time, or resources to achieve maximum reimbursement from their billing.

Mednet employs medical billing specialists with more billing and system experience than most practices. This combined with our suite of system tools and proven billing procedures offers you more resources.


Mednet has a proven track record of maximizing revenue. We have been in the Medical Billing Industry for over 30 years. Satisfied clients, proven billing and coding procedures, technological changes as required, and effective claim follow-up has kept us at the top in our field.

Ease of Implementation

Regardless of whether you are a large practice moving to an outsourced model, switching billing companies, or a solo practitioner looking to improve efficiency and revenue, implementing a comprehensive billing and coding solution with Mednet is most likely easier than you ever imagined.

We take care of all the red tape, setup, and training—so you can continue with your business uninterrupted. It is a customer service-oriented approach designed to take your practice to the next level without placing an additional burden on you or your staff.

System Benefits

You probably already know the costs associated with in-house billing and practice management systems.

These include software expenditures combined with service fees, training, support fees, maintenance, and upgrades. And with the expense of servers and networks, it all adds up to a substantial and often uncomfortable amount.

Using Mednet almost completely eliminates these costs, while at the same time providing you with perhaps one of the most efficient, user friendly, web-based practice management systems in the marketplace today. And because it is web-native, all you need are PCs and internet access. No servers or software to buy. Maintenance and upgrade costs are eliminated. Choosing Mednet not only eliminates all the hassles regarding billing and coding, but also takes care of your system concerns as well.


Times have changed, and through the use of the internet, you have total control and access of all your account data 24/7/365. Simply logon to your account, and view or print any data you require.

Cost Effectiveness

Mednet provides solutions in a manner which is exceptionally cost effective. Many expenses normally associated with billing (staff, systems, maintenance, postage, EDI, paper, etc.) are all covered under our one service plan. And since this amount is generally calculated on payments received in your office, it is extremely easy to budget. The costs are directly proportionate to your income.