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Cut Your Costs and Increase Your Profitability by Outsourcing Your Medical Billing to Mednet

Run your practice like a business by analyzing data like a CEO

Most doctors we know practice medicine motivated by two things: a desire to help people and a desire to make a good living.

But it’s gotten harder for today’s medical practices to bring in the revenues you expect and deserve. Your practice isn’t as profitable as it could and should be.

We’re going to help you fix that.

Doctors and practice managers come to us because their practices are losing money. They’re seeing patients, but revenues aren’t what they should be. Cash flow is unreliable, and A/R is completely out of hand …

If this has happened to you, too, you’re not alone.

It’s incredibly difficult to judge whether the individuals you trust with your medical billing and collections are actually qualified. (As a matter of fact, we only hire the most experienced billers and ALWAYS put our new employees through an additional 100 hours of supervised up-to-date training before they handle any of our clients’ billing.)

You often don’t see any signs of underperformance on the surface, so you don’t know your billers are unqualified until your revenues start going down. Little errors, left uncorrected, can build up and cost your practice thousands of dollars — every month.

It’s frustrating. Heartbreaking, even. And while many doctors and practice managers don’t talk about it, you CAN talk to us.

You SHOULD talk to us. Because we understand your pain, and we can treat it.

We can cure it.

Take Dr. Michael T. Clark, for example ...

“Mednet has handled our Billing and Collection services for the past 10 years. Previously, these functions were performed in-house. We were losing thousands of dollars monthly due to incompetent billing practices, and our cost of collections was far too high. Mednet turned our billing around in the first 3 months after we hired them. We are very pleased with their work and the results they provide.”

There is hope.

There IS a solution.

And if yours is like any of the hundreds of other practices we’ve worked with since 1985, we CAN help turn things around for you, too.

Call us today at 877.291.2705 for a free consultation and decide for yourself if Mednet is the right choice to handle your medical billing, coding and data analytics.

You deserve a successful practice that benefits your community and provides a good living for you, your family, and your staff. You shouldn’t have to worry or even think about accounts receivable or cash flow. The money should be there — and it WILL be — once your billing is being handled properly.

Outsource your medical coding and collections to Mednet, and you’ll be able to focus on doing what you do best … helping people. We’ll make sure the money comes in.

Call 877.291.2705 today and get started with a free, no-obligation consultation.

Hiring Mednet improves the health of your business because we ...

  • stay on top of industry changes and advise you accordingly.
  • assign only certified coders to handle your account.
  • provide data analytics to allow you to monitor and improve operations.

Your success is our business! Call 877.291.2705 now.

Hire Mednet to handle your Medical Billing, Coding, Collections, and Analytics and you’ll ...

  • Reduce and Control Operating Costs by outsourcing to experienced medical billing consultants and coding experts you can trust to do the job right the first time.
  • Get Medical Claims Submitted Consistently and Accurately with no extra work on your part by processing your medical billing directly from the data you’ve already entered in your Electronic Medical Records.
  • Improve Cash Flow and Promptness of Payments by hiring a professional Revenue Cycle Management Company that has the experience to get medical claims paid fast and correctly on the first submission.
  • Get your Billing Questions Answered Promptly by our trained, expert medical coding consultants with regional offices located in Albuquerque, New Mexico and Fresno, California.
  • Use Technology to Effectively Manage your Practice with our Certified cloud-based practice management tools.
  • Monitor, Track, and Analyze Revenue with data analytics provided in our monthly reports that enable you to make smart business decisions about the future of your practice.
  • Give Your Patients the Customer Service They Desire by accessing additional free resources we provide for your staff.
  • Focus Your Energy on Practicing Medicine and Helping Patients and leave the responsibilities and challenges associated with medical billing, coding, and collection to Mednet.

Call 877.291.2705 today for your free consultation.

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