medical billing and coding

Mednet brings precision to the medical billing process and makes practices profitable.

Mednet is an industry leader in Revenue Cycle Management with over 35 years in business.

We provide end to end medical billing and coding solutions for medical practices in all regions of the US.

How Telemedicine Will Impact Your Practice

Telemedicine is one of the fastest growing trends for practices across the country. Before you decide to make the leap for your practice, make sure to read how we believe it will impact your practice.
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Why Choose Mednet?


We have a team of medical billing and coding problem solvers that are:

  • Results driven
  • Experienced
  • Tech savvy
Piggy bank

97% of medical insurance claims submitted pay on first pass

Our clients’ A/R averages 92-94% current

Our fee is based on revenue collected (it's a win win!)


Regardless of specialty, volume, or software, we have the medical billing and coding expertise and resources to make your practice profitable